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Post by Samantha Delessio on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:07 am

Name: (What Character do you need?)
Age: (required for OC Characters only)
Character Needed For: (what character are you hoping to use this character with?)
Character Face: (required for OC Characters only)
Biography: (required for OC Characters only)
Where I see this going: (do you have a specific idea for your character and this one? Are they going to date? please try to give details)
Relationship type needed: (het, slash/Femslash, Both?) note for this area please post how YOU want them used the person that picks them up for you may use them in whatever relationship type they perfer.

Character Needed For:
Character Face:
Where I see this going:
Relationship type needed: [/b]

Wanted Ad Template SamSig
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